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AuRELIA (Authentic Reflective Exploratory Learning and Interaction Arrangement) is a concept for self-determined Inquiry Learning. To learn more about it click on the following publication download link (information in English):

Reitinger, J. (2013). Self-determined Inquiry Learning. Bringing real Autonomy into Learning Arrangements. In K. Kikis-Papadakis, F. Chaimala & R. Papanastasiou (Hrsg.), Enhancing Innovation and Creativity in Science Teaching, STENCIL Annual Report n.3, pp. 76-82, (31-07-2013).


Miximize the figure below by mouse click (information in German):



For detailed information do not hesitate to contact the author.


You are also invited to watch a video about AuRELIA (in English). Click below:


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